Ivy/Rachel (The Hollows)

Super Duper Cookies (PG13)

While Ivy’s out on a run, Rachel raids the special ‘cookie’ jar. A first-time Ravy fic.


A Good, Sharp Kick In The Ass (NC17)

Rachel’s stupid again and Jenks makes sure to let her know about it. A first-time Ravy fic.


Welcome Home (NC17)

Ivy’s left at home waiting for Rachel to return from her trip to the Ever After.


The Bet (R)

Erica & Jenks make a bet with Ravy. Cracktastic throughout & smutty at the very end.


A Very Ravy Christmas (PG13)

A holiday one-shot


A Very Ravy Easter (PG13)

Another holiday one-shot


A Very Ravy IDF (R)

Rachel discovers the International Day of Femslash and Fanfic courtesy of Ivy and Jenks.

Gravity (PG13)

She can’t help being sucked back
in, even though she knows it’s going to bring her nothing but heartache. Ivy
POV. — Not set in my usual Ravy ‘Verse–

Not Enough (PG)

Rachel’s power over her will never fade. An Ivy-centric, Ivy-POV oneshot.

One thought on “Ivy/Rachel (The Hollows)

  1. Hello!
    So I’ve been lurking…for a few days now. I don’t know if you even check this blog or this particular page anymore. I’ve read every single Ravy piece there is to find on the nets…it seems that there aren’t many writing anymore.
    Just wanted to say that your page is delightful…I found you on the ralst website…then creeped you through comments left on other pieces. I love your ‘verse, I think you’ve got the “girls” captured perfectly. I think I love your Hollows best because of the love that you write between them. As a straight chick obsessed with Ravy, it’s that bond, that amazing love that I’m looking for…despite your muse’s predilection for the perv palace, there is more than just smut.

    Anyway, I apologize for the sappy schmaltz (how’s that for redundant!) I see I’m about 2 years too late to be surrounded with an active Ravy fandom (seems you ladies: savior088, roarax..etc) did most of the writing in 2010. I see a few from 2012, (like Gravity, which i loved too) but I’m bummed I missed out. I’m still holding out hope that KH will put them together especially since she hasn’t outright denied a relationship like she has with Trent and Al. Rachel needs a connection to all the races, she’s an alpha, a earth witch, a demon, Trent’s new buddy, and now needs that vampiric tie.

    Thanks for the stories, I reread them constantly. I hope you feel inspired to complete Gray Magic…or at least do a few more one-shots.

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