Alex/Olivia (SVU)

Dancing (NC17)

Complete @ approx. 77,000 words

Alex agrees to join Olivia out in the field to try and catch a serial rapist.  What happens after he’s caught?

Game Face (NC17)

Complete @ approx. 69,000 words
Follows Dancing

These Are Days (NC17)

Complete @ approx. 99,000 words
Follows Game Face

Need (NC17)

Smutshot set sometime after the epilogue in These Are Days .

6 thoughts on “Alex/Olivia (SVU)

  1. I have to say that these stories are the absolute BEST!!!! They made me laugh so hard at the antics of the Cabot Cousins that I had tears in my eyes. Please keep up the great writing.

    1. The BEST…I just wish they would stay together in the show, but I suspect there’s somenthing going on in real life, not just because they remanined friends, mostly because their marriages are fake…they both pretend to be happilly married when they are not.Stephanie March left the show in too much peace, never did anything else that mattered…they must be an iten…or is just wishful thinking

  2. Loved your stories. Some of the best writing on the fanfiction that I have seen. Nice plot and lots of laughs. Wish my family was like the Cabots.

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