Bering & Wells (Warehouse 13)

Making The World Slow Down (NC17)

Sometimes you just need the world to stop spinning long enough for you to catch back up to it.

Glittering Hosts (PG)

There is, though I do not know how there is or why there is, a sense of infinite peace and protection in the glittering hosts of heaven.” ~HG Wells.  :: A stolen moment under the stars.

Finding Hope Amongst the Ashes (PG)

There was nothing left to find amongst the ashes of Warehouse 13. Or was there?

Indefinable Need (R)

Myka didn’t understand why she needed to have HG’s grappler. She just knew she did. Spoilers through 4×02

Absolution (R)

My headcanon as to where Helena’s been these last few episodes. This is Helena-centric, though there are mentions of HG/Myka. Fic is set after Indefinable Need.

Home (NC17)

Set after Absolution. Helena returns to the Bed and Breakfast.

Post-Its of a Life Well Loved (R)

Whenever Claudia needs to feel better about things, she pulls out Helena and Myka’s old journal.

Sacrifice (Mature)

Sometimes, protecting the Warehouse means that one must make the ultimate sacrifice. Set post S4 mid-season finale.
My idea for how the writers can fix what happened.

Come With Me (Mature)

Bering & Wells, DEBS style. (AU)

Inevitable (PG13)

I couldn’t not try and fix what happened in 4×15. Consider this your spoiler warning.

As You Wish (Mature)

Helena, Myka, and a Halloween party. A follow-up (of sorts) to Come With Me.

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