Jane/Maura (Rizzoli & Isles)

Who’s On First? (PG13)

Maura Isles, three Rizzolis, and the BoSox/Yanks on TV.


All Work And No Play (NC17)

The ME’s office is a fun place to… work?


Jeopardy (NC17)

Jane tries to compete with Jeopardy for Maura’s attention.


You Look Good in My Shirt (NC17)

Set post ep. 2×05. Maura ‘borrows’ Jane’s shirt.

Deck the Halls (PG-13)

AU-ish. Maura Isles, four Rizzolis, and a Christmas tree that needs decorating. A Jane/Maura first-time fic.

Four Hours (NC17)

Maura gets too wrapped up in a case, and Jane is there to help.

Walk of Shame (PG13)

Jane wears the same outfit two days in a row. People notice. Pretty much pure cracktastic fluff. You’ve been warned.

Altitude (NC17)

Written for the kink meme prompt: Jane/Maura, mile high club—bonus for Maura explaining the ‘euphoric effects of altitude scientifically.’

Forever Yours (NC17)

Jane, Maura, and a mirror. Inspired by the blue dress of hnnnnnng.

3 thoughts on “Jane/Maura (Rizzoli & Isles)

  1. I love all your fics! But I’m trying to find some of the ones that used to be on the Jane/Maura LJ like “Better than a Ringtone”? There are 4 or 5 other NC-17 ones on that LJ that it won’t let me access and they’re not on here?

    1. Thanks! Wow, it’s been ~AGES~ since I’ve even thought about R&I(or LJ, for that matter). Anyway!, best I can figure out from looking through my LJ and wracking my brain about it all is that I think those few you’re looking for were ones that got caught in a morality purge that had no rhyme or reason on ff.net back in the day so I just deleted them everywhere in a fit of spite because I was pissed. (Sorry) I’d re-post them on AO3, but I don’t save fic files after they’ve been posted so I don’t even have copies of the stories. (Sorry again)

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