Faberry (Glee)


A Multi-Chapter AU Future-fic. Rated NC17.

It’s been seven years since Quinn Fabray left Lima, Ohio, and she’s now a rising star in Hollywood. Rachel Berry has three Tonys on her mantel and is looking for a change when a serendipitous twist of fate brings them together to work on a project that has the potential to change both of their lives in a way that neither of them had ever imagined.

Latest Chapter: Chapter 75 (added 3 April 2014)


Sock Puppets (R)

Just a fluffy oneshot written on a dare. Set in the Serendipity ‘verse sometime after the Berry-Fabray wedding that I have yet to get anywhere close to writing.

3 thoughts on “Faberry (Glee)

  1. Hey, love the stories. Check everyday for new chapters. Soooo captivating!!! From Ethel in Australia

  2. Love these stores. Thank you for writing so many chapters. Any chance you will be writing the wedding chapter, between authoring your novels?

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story so far. I honestly don’t know about writing any more for this ‘verse, I’ve pretty much moved on from this fandom.

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