Kara/Lena (Supercorp)

Here I Am (G)

Kara knows she’s still inexperienced when it comes to relationships, but even she isn’t blind to the way Lena Luthor looks at her.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes (All the Time) (M) <<Work in Progress>>

Lena’s had herself a DAY and decides to go to a bar on her way home to get lost in a crowd for a while. That’s where she runs into the two worst (best) wing-women ever.


i just wanted you to know (this is me trying) (M)

Lena promised Kara that she would ask for help when she needed it.


this is me trying (i just wanted you to know) (M)

The prequel to i just wanted you to know (this is me trying)


cheers (drink to that) (M)

Sister-night shenanigans. Kara’s drunk, and Alex takes her home.


nobody tops you (but me) (M)

Lena learns that teasing one Danvers sister leads to a pleasantly unexpected response from the other one. It starts out as fluff and ends in smut.


Alex/Maggie (Detective Danvers)

Flying and Falling (T)

She covered her face with her hands, squeezing her eyes shut against the wetness that coated her palms, and sucked in a deep, ragged breath as she wished that this push and pull inside her would just stop. That she could just fly without the fear of falling.